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Supporting nourish.NJ

This November InspirationRoll have chosen to support nourish.NJ in their mission to create lasting solutions to the problems of hunger, homelessness and poverty. nourish.NJ offer food, housing, work readiness, medical, social and educational services 365 days a year in a warm, safe and caring environment, free of charge, no questions asked.

We are supporting nourish.NJ was by asking our customers for donations towards their Purposeful Act of Kindness Kits, these are kits which contain frequently requested items from our social services team.

To help us on our campaign please donate the following items to any one of our locations, Morristown, Westfield or Denville. Donations will be collected up until the end of November, then InspirationRoll will match all donations and create the individual kits to donate to nourish.NJ.

  • pocket size hand sanitzer

  • bottle of water

  • protein bar

  • baggie filled with laundy pods

  • roll of toilet tissue

  • hand towel

  • FULL SIZE Toiletries- shampoo, conditioner, body wash

Please join us in supporting this amazing cause!


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